Brand Extension

Radio is about so much more these days that what comes out of the speakers. Each of our radio brands is as active online as they are on-air. This has led to us building significant traffic to our branded websites across the country.

We have achieved this success by being consistent, innovative and true to our target audience.

While our websites are designed to be familiar and attractive to those visiting for the first time, they are also designed in such a way to maximise return on investment for our clients as well as providing an easy-to-navigate user experience for our audience.

By using local pillars such as local news, local community events, local personalities and hand-picking areas of syndiated content to suite our target audience, we have created websites that go way beyond the radio station. They are local portals full of unique information and entertainment not available from other websites or media.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some of our brand extension websites - or visit them yourself in our radio station directory.