A bit about who we are

Walter Grant had a hunch that this new-fangled radio thing might just catch on...

The company started back in 1942 when Walter Grant bought the license for 2DU Dubbo, NSW. At the time he was famous for being the man who spent ten years battling bureaucracy to get approval to increase the power of the station's output. He eventually won!

In 1961, Walter's wife Christina took over the company. It stayed in Christina's hands until 1972 when our current Managing Director, Janet Cameron (daughter of Walter Grant) took the reins. Mrs Cameron has now been at helm for over 40 years and shares responsibility for the operation of the company with her daughter Alison and sons Grant and Dugald.

By 1986, Grant Broadcasters owned four radio stations... in Parkes, Dubbo, Mudgee and Nowra NSW. Three of these stations were sold with only Nowra being kept in Grant Broadcasters hands.

Earlier Expansion

During the 1980's Grant Broadcasters began a period of rapid expansion. First, 2NM Muswellbrook was added to the Nowra station along with others on the NSW South Coast, Ballarat VIC, Murray Bridge SA and Geelong VIC.

Adding South East Queensland and Tasmania

With significant additions in 2007 of River 949 Ipswich from Rural Press, followed by the 2008 acquisition of the Southern Cross stations in Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Scottsdale and Queenstown, the network started to move from a small independent network to a much larger body of radio stations covering most Australian states and Territories.

Working together with Capital Radio

A joint venture was undertaken with Kevin Blyton's Capital Radio Network to take a 50% holding in the Capital stations in Canberra ACT, Goulburn NSW and Perth WA in 2009, further growing the reach of the network in to the ACT and WA.

South Australia & Bundaberg join the network

In 2011, Grant Broadcasters completed the purchase of the former Fairfax regional radio assets in Bundaberg and South Australia (including the extensive Kix Country narrowcast network), now making Grant Broadcasters a radio network with wholly-owned or joint venture presences in every Australian state and territory.

The big push north

In August 2013, Grant Broadcasters acquired Prime Media's ten radio stations in Queensland covering the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Gladstone, Mackay, Rockhampton, Townsville & Cairns to make Grant Broadcasters one of the largest holders of commercial radio stations in the country.

Still a family company

It all means we're quite a bit bigger than we were back when Walter was battling the blokes in the ivory towers to get a bit more power to his transmitter. One thing that has never been lost is our commitment to local content for our local communities. Perhaps that's because we are a family-owned company. Or it's just part of our corporate DNA to better serve the communities that we operate in by investing in them with local personalities, local staff and partnerships that bring the best out in both those communities and our radio stations. And just like Walter did all those decades ago, we're still not afraid to challenge conventions and ask, "why not?"