Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. We're all over them. And we're exploring new ways to engage with our audience as they move in to even more social media outlets such as Pinterest, Google+ and whatever cool new medium pops up next!

Across our network, we are friends with over 200,000 people. Not bad considering that our radio stations are all in regional areas! And our engagement levels or "people talking about us" are through the roof. As a guide, Facebook considers a brand page effective if around 1/4 of the number of friends connected to it are talking about it. Our radio stations routinely attract up to 200 times the number of friends talking about us due to a consistent level of posts of the kinds of things that we know our audience loves.

But that's just Facebook. The big moves are in Instagram right now, and we're looking, along with Twitter, to be even more active in all social media.